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Translate for Coronavirus

Translate for coronavirus is a public group that aims to translate crucial reports, articles and news about the pandemic. This is a volunteer-only group and we need every language professionals to take part in this social responsibility project. Help us to disseminate official resources of international organizations and make them available in different languages.

I am a Medical microbiologist i can translate any kind of scientific article from English to  Turkish 

Here you can reach Spanish-English glossary for COVID-19. 


If you cannot display the file you can download it directly to your computer below.

I can make translation for Covid in 5 languages: Spanish, Portuguese, İtalian, English and Latin to Turkish, and also a cross translation. I am ready! 

  • Hi Arzu! Thanks for your support and contribution. 

    You can check out the document list here >> COVID-19 DOCUMENTS

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    Dear Corona fighters, are you ready to save humanity with your translations?

    • Or by adding local content in your language? If it is already translated, just add in to LINGURIA google drive. 

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      How being in Quarantine can change the world.Now is the time to conquer the little tasks in life.Because the pandemic my open windows of opportunity for long awaited change ... So what are you going conquer today?

      This is  the link to our Google Drive. It is acces s ible publicly. Please share responsibly with healthcare professionals, translators, government agencies and researchers. No commercial ads or fake news please.