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Translator, interpreter, business owner at Dragoman Translation.

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Join me and Sean from Day Translations this evening / afternoon at 2pm EST / 7pm CET / 9pm Istanbul time. It is free to register. We will discuss success factors in international business meetings.  

Notes on the Basic Economic Forces Affecting Interpreting by Jonathan Downie

Have you tested SYSTRAN - Dragoman engine for Turkish - English? 

    • It seems better than Google Translate.

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      • It is 60% better in most domains.

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        • In so many ways, obviously, SYSTRAN is far better than Google Translate when it comes to English-Turkish translation. Moreover, one can also see that SYSTRAN has different focus points. SYSTRAN's way of examining the sentences undoubtedly is much more detailed, which shows SYSTRAN has a great technology. 

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          This is a 25-minutes video on Zoom hosting controls and settings. I started with Zoom's background settings, gave some statistics from our own experience. And then tried to summarize polls, chat, audio, video, security, captions, streaming, screen sharing and reactions menus. Me and my team have joined over 800 Zoom meetings & webinars i nthe past 12 months. We are happy to share our insights with you.  Feel free to contact us for your future events. We will be happy to train your team, host your event and provide very good simultaneous interpreters. 

          0:00 - Intro 0:42 - Statistics 2:18 - Back-end settings 4:00 - 5:06 - Extended menu 5:22 - Polls 6:10 - Chat 6:30 - Share screen 9:31 - Recording 9:50 - Adding interpreter 11:05 - Live captions 12:07 - Pro headsets 13:35 - Reactions 15:00 - Security 14:23 - Broadcasting 17:50 - Background 22:22- Audio

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          This quiz will measure how Dragoman are you. 

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          In your opinion what are the differences between a translator and an interpreter. 

          Learned from colleagues in America that a second LA court interpreter from has died of COVID.  Based on NIH numbers and inflating LA court interpreters to 1,000 (real number is much lower), COVID is over 1,000 times more deadly for LA Court interpreters than health C care workers nationwide.

          It was a very plesant morning talk (or afternoon) with Linguria team. Thank you Mark UNA Tuncay Bayburt and Himmet Caner  for joining. 2021 will be an exciting year.

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          This course is a work in progress. It will have several modules and quizzes designed to help you become a high achiever in Dragoman Team. 

          This is a quick intro for interpreters on how to use INTERACTIO for online simultaneous interpreting. This is my personal review, not an official video.