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Dragoman Language Solutions
London, England, United Kingdom
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Consecutive Interpreting, Dubbing & Voice-over, Research, Interpreting Equipment, Education, Remote Interpreting, Interpreting, Transcreation, Video Subtitling
English, Turkish, Vietnamese

Dragoman is a 21st century  agency. We are committed to eliminate language barriers with our mobile apps, cloud-based platforms and API-driven continous localisation delivery services. Dragoman is a great team of passionate linguists committed to highest quality in global communications.

Joining our team is a tiring yet rewarding path for becoming and remaining among the very best linguists in the world.

Hiring us for video , on-site or remote or a mission-critical corporate communication task guarantees satisfaction, perfection and superior language quality. We were born in Turkey and therefore transcreation into is our strong suite, yet we have proven track record in Russian, Arabic, German, Spanish, Italian, French and 80 other languages.

Our office in Podgorica, enables us to easily access qualified in-country reviewers for Serbian, Montenegrin, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Albanian and other Balkan languages.

We are very good team and would love to grow with you. More info at dragoman.ist


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Follow our YouTube channel for tips & tricks on translation and editing in Turkish / English. 

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Dear colleagues,

The first 100 members of Linguria will be our brand ambassadors. As an ambassador you can join the conversation and shape the future of . We need you to invite as many fellow translators, interpreters and academics possible. We depend on your feedback, questions and criticism. 

Let us grow the network of passionate linguists. Make it easier and much more fun to interact. Build a lucrative and also safe job market. 

Let us share ideas on our knowledge base, discuss terminology, ethics, job requirements and technology. 

There is so much we can do together.

Let's do it.

Umit Ozaydin



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