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An effective resume is one of the most important criteria to find a job. When students look for a job for an internship program or while they are graduating from college, they can take advantage of preparing effective resumes to increase the possibility of employment in a job. 

What does an effective resume mean?

Repeatedly, an effective resume means being recruited in a job. It’s is a good start for new grads. In this way, they can encourage themselves and give a positive impression on the employers. Therefore, preparing an effective resume is a bit more important for freshmen and graduates to get a good career they seek.

I listed a few stages to prepare a resume for those who are interested.

S1: Choose a proper resume type

Three resume types are available. These are functional resume, chronological resume and, combination resume. Every resume type provides different information and point of views. Choose the proper resume type for your career.

S2: Write a fascinating headline

The headline is an essential criterion as it provides foreknowledge for the employer. Besides, you should summarize the headline with two or three lines. In doing so you should be objective as much as you can.

S3: Use simple words

The employers should be able to easily understand your resume. Therefore, it must be simple, readable and must impress the employers with the style of legible fonts and overall legibility of the resume. In addition, it is suggested to use proper fonts such as Calibri and Times New Roman and to prefer a font size of 12 for a more scannable resume.

S:4 Add topical keywords

Add topical keywords showing abilities because most recruiters use a software called Applicant Tracking System. Topical keywords constitute a brief summary of your resume. 

S5: Emphasize achievements and projects

Although you have had a little experience in your field, you can still highlight your achievements and projects you have participated in.

S6: Edit your resume

Editing your resume is crucial because when you make mistakes like grammatical or typographical errors, they may result in a bad impression on the employers.

Prepared by Aziz Oğuzhan ÇAKALOĞLU

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