Interpretation without physical presence? Possibilities and threats after the Coronavirus crisis in 2020?

What is the future technology for interpreters?
Can we work without going to the actual site?

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  • In some cases yes, but not in all. I think from now on technical companies will be sanitizing their equipment and we interpreters will be bringin our own headsets to the booth. Noone wants to work in a small box without making sure that it was properly cleaned.

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    • Well, Mr. Ümit, thank you for your contribution. As a matter of fact, I believe the hygiene factor is only one of the many other issues concerning remote interpretation.
      Of course, interpreters should have a clean space for work, but more important than that, is the fact that the travelling and the actual presence of the interpreter should be questioned and reconsidered.
      It is 2020 and there should be other ways of using technology, also for our business. If I am getting paid for "language services" and not necessarily for my "physical attendance", then I should be served with the technical infrastructure to supply this professional service remotely, if possible and where necessary.
      The clients may as well stay at their own premises during work.
      Kind regards.

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