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Ivogsan Tercüme A.Ş
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Interpreting Platform, Certification & Notarization , Consecutive Interpreting, Translation, Copy-editing, Research, Training, Localization, Interpreting Equipment, Education, Remote Interpreting, Remote Simultaneous Interpreting, Interpreting, Language Technologies, Machine Translation, Transcreation, Transcription, Video Subtitling
English, Toraja , Tsonga, Tswana, Turkish, Turkmen, Tuvinian , Twi , Udmurtian , Ukrainian , Urdu, Uyghur (China), Uzbek, Vietnamese, Volapk, Wallisian, Welsh, Wolof , Xhosa, Yakutian , Yapese, Yiddish, Yoruba , Zulu, Hen Llinge

As Ivogsan Language Services Provider, we serve you with an understanding focused on customer satisfaction regarding your translation needs.

In this context, we process all kinds of language service requests from you in a short time and deliver results quickly. As Ivogsan Language Services Provider, we have ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 17100: 2015, ISO 10002: 2014, OHSAS 18001 quality certificates. These documents are an indication of the service we provide for our customers. With this understanding, we have succeeded in being both a pioneer and a company that sets the standards in our sector since 2009. Our aim is to provide you with translation services with almost zero errors, with our expert translator staff that we have expanded day by day and the editorial system we have established. We provide services in all languages and in all areas of translation in accordance with international standards. Each of our translators has an area of expertise and they are constantly improving themselves both culturally and linguistically. By closely following the developments in the fields of our translators, we always carry them forward with smart learning methods in our software. There is no translator in our staff who does not have an academic education.


I would like to gladly tell you about our discounted price policy & will be waiting for all your evaluations and feedbacks so that I can support your every request regarding translation services.


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