International Communication, Translation and Interpreting

Programme Name:
International Communication, Translation and Interpreting
1 Carretera de Utrera, Sevilla, AL, Spain


The purpose of this programme is to provide professional training in different present-day areas of expertise and to cater for social and market demand. This Masters degree is structured to meet a concrete, interdisciplinary and applied objective, and is organised so that students can achieve the following learning goals:

  • To know the professional translation strategies used in different areas of expertise.

  • To familiarise themselves with the interpreting strategies used in professional environments.

  • To develop transversal, communicative, intercultural and interlinguistic skills relevant to the business world.

  • To familiarise themselves with the intercultural mediation strategies used in different areas of expertise.

  • To familiarise themselves with quality standards and the management of professional projects in the translation and interpreting market.

  • To know the code of ethics of a professional translator and a specialised interpreter.

  • To employ appropriate resources in order to make these skills functional in various professional fields (foreign trade, international relations, etc.).

Duration: 1 year


Applicants must hold one of the following degrees:

  • An official Spanish Degree.

  • A foreign Degree authorising the admission to a Masters Degree in the issuing country.

  • Assessment Criteria
    Please check the Assessment criteria of the programme (this information is currently available only in Spanish).

    Entrance Exam
    Proficiency in the student’s working languages equivalent to a C1 level will be required, demonstrable through a University Degree or a certificate from any accreditation institution (Cambridge, Trinity, TOEFL, Instituto Cervantes) or through an entrance exam.
    The entrance exam will consist of an interview with those students that were not able to certify adequately their level of foreign language knowledge. It will be conducted via telephone or Skype in the non-mother tongue or tongues of the student and will last approximately 20 minutes. In the course of this interview not only the command of the language will be assessed, but also the knowledge of the cultures of the working languages.

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