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What is Transcreation?

Translation is not the same as it was. With the translation studies thriving, it evolved into something that proceeds more systematically and digitally. On the other hand, now, this system is an industry that responds to demands of the other systems. Purpose or purposes of the author, type of the audience and the nature of the message are the factors that change according to the systems. For example, implementation of these three factors for the marketing field is crucial. So, if we’re working in the marketing field, we should consider a wide range of audience -it has to be for a big-tent population- and primarily we should consider the essence of the message and the purpose which are pulling customers, consumers in most cases. When we need to get to know the audience, the safest way to do so is by getting to know their culture. The concept of culture refers to everything about the life experiences of any society. Of course, there has to be a link between consumer tendency and that.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say, promoting and especially adapting the marketing material in accordance with the culture depends on translators’ creativity. Walter Landor once said “Products are produced in the factory, but brands are produced in the minds of the consumer”. People from different cultures are attracted by the same product from international companies; therefore, dynamizing the expression and products depends on the effective translation. Mentioned before, translators’ creativity requires something slightly different than translation which is transcreation.

Before explaining what transcreation is, we should ask this question: Is implementing the culture into marketing material only and solely the job of the translator? In fact, not every international company has their own translation department, they usually outsource translations. Consequently, they either choose a company in the translation industry or a private team (such as freelancers) to get it done. According to research based on an industry survey by Nimdzi, 100 companies reported a strong finish to the year and some even experienced record growth in 2020. These reports are backed up by data collected via their survey and financial records of publicly traded companies which show that, even in 2020, the language services industry as a whole once again grew (Nimdzi, 2021). It indicates that industry is rapidly growing and with the pandemic, international companies use their right of choice for the companies in the translation industry. And, the process is not merely translating since there is creativity in it.

The effort to translate both language and culture is transcreation and with the aid of all the things mentioned above, it is exactly what marketing translators seek to do. Work can be attributed to a project group or an individual. All things considered, workflow must include researching about the brand personality, the market, the target culture and audience, and making decisions in accordance and adapting.

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