How to use Thesaurus to Write Better

What is a thesaurus?

A thesaurus is a reference tool that is helpful to find synonyms (words that are the same in meaning to a specific word.) Thesauri are traditionally published in print form but are more conveniently available online. Like a dictionary, a thesaurus can allow you to expand the way that you explain your topic. A thesaurus contains groupings of words that are added in terms of their meaning.

 How to use thesaurus

If you want to change a new word for one that you have used too much, simply search the word up in a thesaurus and find different alternatives. If you are working on an online thesaurus, you should type your original word (or phrase) in the site’s search box. It will show you a list of alternative words with the same meanings. You can also see the word’s part(s) of speech and, in some cases, its definition and pronunciation. If the word has more than one part of speech, synonyms will be provided for each of its functions. These synonyms are the substitutes that can be used in place of your specific word or phrase.


What to take into consideration?

Sometimes the synonyms do not have the same feeling or nuance as the original word. In order to check you are not using a word with a different feeling, do a "cross-check" of the new word by finding its own definition to make sure it matches the feeling you desire. A thesaurus can help you to have a stronger connection with your audience, as well as a better understanding of your content.


Are there any free thesauri online?

There are tons of online thesauri both free and paid out there! The most famous is, yet you can also refer to Collins Dictionary and Your Dictionary.

That was pretty easy right? Let me know in the comments how you use your thesaurus to help you when writing or translating. Do you know any online thesaurus?


BONUS - Did you know?

Thesaurus” is actually a Greek word and comes from “θησαυρός” (thēsauros) meaning treasure, treasury.


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    • Great article! I like it's very user-friendly but my favorite is I didn't know Your Dictionary, it seems like a brilliant resource as well :)

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      • An absolute lifesaver! Macmillan Thesaurus is quite helpful as well. :)

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