Corona virus

Corona virus is real and interpreter colleagues are reporting cancellations. Industry events like GALA and ELIA are also being cancelled or postponed. These are the times when we must all show our solidarity and invest more in branding, professional standards, client education and above all raising the bar of working terms. It is easier said then done, I know. But I also know that we will see better days together. Just a little patience.
As for our health,try not travel often, stay away from and keep visits short in crowded areas and always wash/keep your hands clean.
Masks do not help much, unless you are personally infected, it is the hands and touches that can carry the virus. 

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  • How being in Quarantine can change the world.Now is the time to conquer the little tasks in life.Because the pandemic my open windows of opportunity for long awaited change ... So what are you going conquer today?

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