Master of Arts in Translation

Programme Name:
Master of Arts in Translation


  • Two to four languages that form your language combination (up to three B languages and one A language, which is your mother tongue or language of education).

  • Different programmes and concentrations that you will decide on in your second semester: specialised translation (legal and institutional, economic and financial, and translation studies), translation technology, and specialised multilingual communication

  • Seven areas of study:
    • Translation and revision
    • Translation studies
    • Fields of expertise (law and economics)
    • Specialised translation (legal, economic and financial, technical, literary)
    • Translation technology
    • Specialised multilingual communication
    • Professional skills and experience (mandatory internship)

Duration: 3 or 4 semesters


You must:

  • (A) pass the entrance exams
  • (B) fulfill the admission conditions based on your application file
  • or (C) be a student in your last year of the BA in Multilingual Communication at the FTI

Further Info: