RWS is hiring a Senior DTP Specialist

Main Duties

·         Scheduling of resources to meet project demands

·         Quotes

·         Analysis and estimates for potential projects

·         Methodologies of production

·         Responsible for maximising the utilisation of staff

·         Offering of resources to other DTP sites within the company when work loads are light

·         Production of utilisation report drawn from Timesheet database for Group DTP Manager

·         Recruitment of staff

·         Justification

·         Advertising

·         Interviewing/testing

·         Induction of new staff

·         Training and development of staff

·         Identification and instigation of required training of staff members

·         Continuous Development Assessment’s (CDA’s) of staff are completed on time and reassessed and updated on a regular basis

·         Regular 1-on-1 meetings with staff

·         Regular departmental meetings

·         Monitoring of profitability of projects by making sure that:

·         Processes are followed

·         Staff are skilled or trained to fulfil the requirements of the projects to which they are allocated

·         Technical and deadline requirements are understood by staff

·         Quality of DTP elements of projects

·         Make sure all QA checks are undertaken by staff

·         Make sure all required documentation (eg. MDS’s) are used during the course of a project

·         Processing of holiday/sickness forms

·         Accurately record daily working time through use of Timesheet program.

·         Contribute to the evolution and development of the DTP strategy/processes.

·         Research general DTP localisation issues, communicate and, where necessary, document.


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