RWS is hiring a Rater / Melody Task (Singing & Humming)


Are you interested in improving the world around you, being part of innovations, learning something new and getting paid for it? Do you want to work from the comfort of your home?

Accept a challenging opportunity to cooperate with RWS Moravia and work for one of the biggest global companies.

What is the job?

We are seeking Raters for Melody data jobs wherein you will have to do singing or humming from a predefined list of songs. We are not interested in perfect intonation or pitch, so the singing doesn’t need to be perfect.

This position requires a deep knowledge of the local culture and fluency in the local language.

Raters work from home and can pretty much choose their working hours while still meeting deadlines. For this reason, the ability to work independently is required. But of course, training materials are provided by RWS Moravia.

You are the right person if you:

  • Understand English on a communicative level (all instructions and trainings are in English)
  • Want to work from home and have a stable, high-speed internet connection
  • Are flexible and communicative
  • Can stick to deadlines
  • Desire to be part of our global community
  • Are interested in learning something new

Payment terms

This job is paid by the hour and you have to provide us your PayPal or bank account details. (Please be aware of the fact that RWS Moravia is not responsible for your taxes or the taxation system of your country. Therefore, please check the labor conditions and laws in the country of your residence before proceeding further, and make sure you are able to receive payments from RWS Moravia via PayPal or bank account.)

Are you a native speaker one of the below languages?

Albanian French Lithuanian Sinhalese
Amharic French (Canada) Lithuanian Slovak
Arabic Georgian Macedonian Spanish
Armenian German Malay Spanish (Latin America)
Azerbaijani Greek Malayalam Swahili
Basque Gujarati Marathi Swedish
Bengali Hebrew Nepali Tagalog
Bulgarian Hindi Norwegian Tamil
Burmese Hungarian Odia Telugu
Chinese (Simplified) Icelandic Persian Thai
Chinese (Traditional) Indonesian Polish Tibetan
Croatian Italian Portuguese Tigrinya
Czech Japanese Portuguese (Brazil) Turkish
Danish Kannada Punjabi Ukrainian
Dutch Kazakh Romanian Urdu
English Khmer Russian Vietnamese
Estonian Korean Sanskrit Yiddish
Filipino Lao Serbian
Finnish Latvian Sindhi


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