LanguageLine Solutions is hiring a Freelance Turkish Telephone Interpreter in the UK

Turkish Freelance Telephone

Job Title: Over-the-Telephone Interpreter (Advanced Level)

Department: Interpreter Operations

Reports To: Contractor Liaison – United Kingdom Interpreters

Location: Work at Home position, any place in United Kingdom

Summary of position:

Renders accurate and complete meaning between source language and target language in the consecutive mode of interpretation; facilitates communication between a speaker of English and a speaker of another language. 

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Exhibits excellent interpreting skills and professional attitude whilst interpreting
  • Demonstrates accuracy, excellent note-taking skills, objectivity and an ability to handle difficult situations
  • Provides accurate and complete interpretations of verbal messages as uttered by LanguageLine Solutions' clients and their customers of limited English proficiency
  • Remains impartial and unbiased while using correct protocol
  • Displays deep understanding of the culture of both languages; recognises and is  sensitive to cultural differences
  • Manages the flow of the call and avoids taking over the call
  • Avoids interaction with the limited English speaker w/o client's permission
  • Ensures the highest level of quality by following all interpreting guidelines and procedures as set forth by LanguageLine Solutions
  • Exhibits knowledge of industry-specific terminology and protocol, i.e. medical/court/insurance/government agencies
  • Provides excellent customer service  to client and limited English speaker, i.e. use of appropriate tone, patience and courtesy
  • Maintains a positive working relationship with Contractor Liaison, the Interpreter Resource Centre and other departments as needed
  • Demonstrates dependability


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Language Proficiency: 

  • Demonstrates superior proficiency in English and second language
  • Has in-depth understanding of the cultural dynamics of both languages
  • Uses a large number of synonyms, idiomatic expressions, proverbs and quotations, as needed
  • Expresses accuracy in both languages and comprehends various subjects at different levels of complexity
  • Demonstrates mastery of correct word order in phrases and sentences, and use of proper grammar
  • Displays good communication skills, i.e. clear enunciation, pronunciation, pleasant and professional tone of voice, and polite forms of expression in both languages
  • Exhibits competency in the following key industries, i.e. Medical, Financial, Insurance, Courts & Tribunals, Police and/or Government Agencies to include familiarity with terminology, procedures and/or products in those industries

Interpretation Skills.

  • Interprets in the consecutive mode with a high degree of accuracy and  processes information quickly and concisely
  • Displays knowledge of interpretation methods and procedures
  • Maintains neutrality towards client and limited English speaker
  • Demonstrates ability to speak clearly without accent interference
  • Understands common procedures and practices of industries served by LanguageLine Solutions
  • Displays cognitive skills needed to effectively interpret, i.e. speed of understanding and expression
  • Concentrates on and follows the thread of the conversation for an extended period of time; manages flow of call when necessary
  • Remembers blocks of information and delivers same with accuracy
  • Grasps the meaning of the message and anticipates direction of the dialogue
  • Maintains confidentiality and upholds ethical standards at any time
  • Adapts behaviour in response to varying situations and peoples' reactions while remaining flexible and professional at all times
  • Maintains high performance, emotional composure and objectivity in all circumstances
  • Assesses own skills and abilities, and identifies areas for improvement; willingly accepts constructive feedback, seeks developmental opportunities and works independently
  • Demonstrates dependability, honesty, integrity and trustworthiness, and accepts responsibility for own actions

Customer Service skills: 

  • Maintains a professional demeanour throughout the interpreting assignment
  • Demonstrates sensitivity and politeness to limited English speakers of different nationalities, backgrounds, cultures and educational levels
  • Exhibits professionalism and courtesy towards the client and limited English speaker
  • Follows the clients' instructions and exceeds their expectations

Educational Level: (preferred)

  • Bachelors and/or Masters degree in Languages, Translation, Interpretation, Philology, Linguistics or related fields
  • Ph.D. or Doctoral in Languages, Philology, Linguistic or related fields
  • NRPSI (National Register of Public Service Interpreters)
  • DPSI (Diploma of Public Service Interpreting)
  • Metropolitan Police Test
  • Community Level Interpreter 2 (CLI2)
  • Community Level Interpreter 3 (CLI3)
  • Certificate of Higher Education in Translation, Interpretation, Languages, Philology or Linguistics

Work Experience: 

  • Written translation and/or interpretation
  • Localisation, bilingual publishing, media organisations, schools and/or similar bilingual settings
  • Living and/or studying in a bilingual environment
  • One year of work experience in industries for which LanguageLine Solutions provides interpretation (preferred)


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